Even the best copywriters

need some backup.


What if you could power through being "stuck" and finish your project right away?


What if you had the confidence to demand top dollar for your work?


What if you knew your copy would be a hit every time?


Hey - I'm Tyler.  I want to help you speed up the copy process by bringing clarity to what really matters.


Let me explain.

You're a copywriter.  You already know the drill.



Focus on features.  Talk directly to the reader.  Add emotion to drive action.


The basic rules of copy are no secret.


You've probably been leaning on them for most of your career.


I know I did.


Over the years, happy clients and happy revenues had me feeling like I was that dude: 


a bad-ass copywriter that knew the rules of copy like I wrote them myself.


But even as I kept leveling up, becoming more of an "expert," I was plagued with the same cruel problem.


Every so often, be it once a month, or once during every new project,  I would get stuck.


Like, profoundly stuck.  Almost without fail.


Not because I didn't know what I was doing, but because I had nothing to reference.


Nothing to help me tap into the real core of effective copy — not just fluffy marketing.


So...I did something about it:


I created The Pillars of Persuasion.


is a self-paced online course for copywriters who want to


learn how to drive conversions with customer-focused storytelling

equip themselves with proven persuasion strategies

demand higher rates for their work

minimize "stuck" time that costs money (and sanity)


all delivered through five easy-to-reference modules.



^ That's why we're here.


Now keep reading to learn how this course will make your copywriting a whole lot easier.


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I remember the day back in October 2018.


The day something in me snapped.


I was stuck again, writing a home page for a client (something I've done successfully nearly 100 times), and for whatever reason...I just lost it.


I got up from my desk, slammed my fists in the table, and came very close to smashing my laptop on the ground.


I needed to figure out what the hell was happening.


I knew how to write copy.  Why was I still getting stuck?


You probably know exactly what it's like:


Staring at the screen, feeling trapped by your own words... pleading with your brain to re-light the switch.


These moments were an accepted part of the job.  Most find ways to deal with it.


But here's the thing:


Not only is it extremely annoying, not only does it cost us money (in the form of  time, sales, and confidence)... it just shouldn't be happening.


After all, while there is a creative aspect to copywriting, it's more about research, data and human psychology.



So what is it?


What is the problem that paralyzes even the most experienced copywriters?


Why did the last 10% of projects feel like a soul-crushing jigsaw puzzle, trying out a bunch of words that mean the same thing?


I had to figure it out.


I re-read my copywriting books and spoke with top-tier copywriters who seemed to have figured it all out.


It took a lot of digging, testing, and analysis...but what I realized is this:


Our idea of "good copy" is misguided.


You see, the majority of us learn that good copy means clarity, voice, and how well we can position an offer.


And while these elements are important, they should not -- can not -- be your foundation. 


When they are, you start running into problems.


When asking yourself, "What does this copy need?"  it's hard to come up with a real answer.


It's clear...but it doesn't hit.

It's on-brand...but it doesn't hit.

It's benefit-focused...but for some reason, it just doesn't hit.


And you can't pinpoint the reason why.  So it becomes a guessing game.


Projects get drawn out, clients get annoyed, sometimes you even lose confidence in your worth as a copywriter.


And if this sounds familiar, know that it's not your fault.


A big reason for this disconnect is that there are very few straight paths in this game.  There's really no standard curriculum or "copy bible" to reference.


Colleagues that I spoke to voiced similar ideas:


"Beyond the basic ideas of copy, there's nothing out there that ever takes it back to the core of copy.  I don't have time to re-read my copywriting books when I'm in the middle of a project."


This realization of needing to step back and better define good copy was key, but I still needed to understand what made copy truly effective if I was gonna make any sort of useful guide.



In addition to a deep look into the work of experts like Dan Kennedy, Ramit Sethi, Joanna Wiebe, and Robert Cialdini...


...I also took a long hard look at my own work, and what made six-figure launches and campaigns so successful.


I went through every piece of successful copy I had on file, even reaching out to former clients for insights on past campaigns.


It all came back to one thing: persuasion.


It wasn't the voice, it wasn't the style, it wasn't just a focus on benefits.


It was a commitment to persuasive storytelling and being the guide that a reader needs to reach his or her transformation.


Not just solving an external problem, but truly changing some aspect in their lives.


From there, I thought about a solution.


I wanted to create a resource that could:


Be referenced whenever we felt stuck

Help us persuade any audience, at any level, across any type of copy

Make copy critiques easier and more efficient

Speed up testing and tweaking, and get straight to the good stuff


Above all, I wanted a resource that made copywriters like you and I feel like we didn't have to do it all ourselves.


Up until very recently, nothing like this existed.


Now we've got the Pillars.

Tested copy strategies to drive conversions.


Rather than a plug-and-play template, The Pillars of Persuasion serves as a guide for persuasive storytelling across all forms of copywriting.




100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Copywriting is powered by persuasion, but for some reason, no one was really talking about it.


Most copywriters use persuasion techniques without even knowing it.


So my thinking was this:


If we had access to the core elements of effective copywriting — with strategies to make them work — we could reference them when stuck or lacking inspiration.


Other copywriters agreed.


So I ran with it.



Five modules covering the core elements of persuasion.


Bring your reader in and show that you can help.

How to Use the 3 Types of Attention Grabbers

Finding and Activating Emotional Triggers

Creating a Powerful Curiosity Gap

Build trust and emphasize your reader's problems.

Identifying the Most Actionable Mass Desires

Creating Empathy through Emphasis

Differentiating External vs Internal Problems

Help your reader explore the best solution.

Transitioning from Interest to Desire

Breaking through "Marketing Defense"

Offering Relief in the form of a Solution

Remove all doubt and challenge your reader to act.

Revisiting the Initial Desires of your Reader

How to Challenge the Reader (Direct vs Indirect)

Making use of Perceptual Contrast

Let your reader show a commitment to change.

Overcoming the Biggest Hurdle to Action

How to Use Multiple Closes in your Copy

Clarity and Future Conditioning

More tools to attract and engage your audience.

Google Doc Template: Creating a User Persona

Google Doc Template: Audience Tiering

And much more!

"This course is extremely thoughtful and well done... although I don't know if just calling it a course does it justice."

Joseph Kennedy



100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Of all the courses that I've taken and researched, most of them are some version of "How to Write X."


How to write a Facebook ad.  How to write a landing page.  How to write an about page.


Plenty useful, but nothing that copywriters can use as a reference across every type of copy they write.


The Pillars are different.

Your interactive textbook for copywriting mastery.


This is not another over-priced $997 video course to play in the background while you scroll through Facebook.


You have to be ready to work.

Forget killin' them with kindness.


Convert them with persuasion.

This course is based not just on research, but also personal successes.


I looked at the sales page and ad campaign I wrote for Adam Frater that brought in $125,000+ during the first 3 months of launching his online fitness program.


I looked at the landing pages and emails that I wrote while at Agora that would bring in over $60,000 in a single send.


I looked at the email sequence that I wrote for MyMedic that brought in over $45,000 of sales during their Mother's Day campaign.


After filtering out the most powerful commonalities, I wanted to see if the strategies could be applied to other pieces of successful copy.


They can.


And you get to see how.

See the Strategies in Action...


Rather than teaching each element in isolation, you'll get to sit with me as we analyze a 7-figure sales page, dissecting how the pillars work together.

Here's a 60 second sample of Mental Mastery analysis:


...and Practice on Real People


Complete each exercise right on your phone or computer via Google Docs, with user personas for each scenario to guide you.

GIF showing how you'll get the exercises:


Ok, but why this course?  And why Tyler?

We all work better with a little help.


Even though I've helped companies make hundreds of thousands of dollars over my 6+ years of conversion copywriting, I was still getting stuck.


Facebook groups are great to get help with word choice.  Swipe files are nice for inspiration.


But there was nothing out there that copywriters could use as a reference for persuasion.


Over the last year, I've worked 1-on-1 with over 50 copywriters to figure out the best way to teach these key ideas.


This course is the result.


This is NOT about your ability to write or sound "on-brand."


This is about making sure that persuasion is always driving your copy.  


It's about getting past those "stuck" moments and maximizing your value as a copywriter.

Here's what other students are saying:



I started my career as a copywriter and this was the perfect refresher.  I especially loved the 'Interest' module -- Tyler's distinction between external and internal problems was very helpful for client work.

Suzannah James

I love it - the combo of quizzes and everything else is fantastic.  I seriously think these strategies could turn a $500 sales page into one easily worth $5,000+. 

Svetsolav Dimitrov

I enjoyed your constant reminders that generating and building interest is dynamic. Robert Cialdini mentions this a lot in his new book 'Pre-suasion', but I liked the simplicity in your delivery. Really cemented it.

Erik Hayton


This self-paced online course includes:


17 Lessons

2.5 Hours of Video

18,000+ Words of Long-Form Text

5 Quizzes & 5 Google Doc Exercises

4 Research & Planning Templates

Get Instant Access for just


One payment of $297



100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.


If you have any questions or concerns about the course, send me an email.  I'm happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is this course really for?


Copywriters (freelance or in-house), solopreneurs, and small businesses that manage the majority of their own copywriting.

How long will it take to finish?


3-4 hours on your first pass.  That said, you will likely want to dive back in as you take on real copy projects.

Why not just use the free information on all of those copywriting blogs?


No doubt there are tons of great free resources online. But none (that I have found) go into the level of detail, or offer the specific "how-to" needed to apply persuasion to your work.


The strategies in this course are the same ones I use...but working with me 1-on-1 cost about 10x the price of this course.

How do I access the course?


After completing checkout, we'll take care of your registration and send you a link to complete your account setup.

How do I get my bonuses?


You'll find all of your bonuses within the course portal.  There is a separate module with all of your bonus templates.

I'm already a good copywriter.  Why would I need this?


As a successful copywriter, your time is super valuable. This course will help you be more efficient, and therefore, make more money.




Your "branded" copy will look pretty...but it won't turn visitors into customers.

Clients will wonder if they've been bamboozled when your campaigns underperform.

The thousands of dollars you've already invested into design, outreach, and ad campaigns will be wasted.

Add the Pillars to your arsenal.


Most copywriters don't get any sort of data to confirm or deny the effectiveness of their copy.


They need to know what they're putting out is quality.


Taking the next step as a copywriter is more than perfecting your outreach strategy and getting higher-paying gigs.


It's about sharpening your skills in persuasion.


It's about pairing your unique qualities with the foundations of effective copy to make yourself a marketing weapon.


You want to level up as a copywriter.  In skills and confidence.


So if not now...then when?

Get Instant Access for just


One payment of $297



100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.


If you have any questions or concerns about the course, send me an email.  I'm happy to help.

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